Foil Board Sports Information Night & Demo Day

The information night is free and held in shop.
Friday February 28th from 6pm till 8-9pm.
Food and drinks provided.
This is a great opportunity get in store and learn all about the new Foil Board Sports.
Aimed at anyone interested. We will talk about getting into the sports safely and easily.
Going through first waves, prone and sup surf foiling.
How to approach down winding.
Wingsurfing or Wing Foiling.
Equipment from basic to advanced, the new changes and dynamic’s with High Aspect,
verses low aspect, fuselage lengths, wing and mast sizes, etc.

Saturday February 29th
We plan to have a demo and demonstration day for those already up and riding.
This will be aimed to showcase the sport, help those already riding progress and try a
variety of equipment across different brands.

With two slots morning on the low tide change to high round (Harder)7.30-8am.
Plus afternoon when the tide changes from high to low (Easier) 1.30-2pm.

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