Wing Foiling

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We have the latest wings from Naish including the S25, Duotone Unit and Echo, as well as other brands on the way.

Duotone Echo and Unit

These latest wings have just arrived and we have them out on the water.  Feedback has been amazing.  We have both the Unit and Echo in store.


Naish S25 Wingsurfer

Demand is high for this tried and tested favourite.  We have several sizes and options in stock, and more on the way.    Many are pre-ordered already, and once again demand is high which is proof of this models popularity.


On Sale:


  1. 2020 Naish Wingsurfer 4m including pump RRP $1249 reduced to $850
  2. 2020 Slingshot Slingwing 4.2m no pump RRP $1249 reduced to $800
  3. 2019/20 Duotone Foil Wing 3m includes Boom & Wrist Leash RRP $1117 reduced to $690 (No pump) 1 left.
  4. 2019/20 Duotone Foil Wing 4m includes Boom & Wrist Leash RRP $1197 reduced to $790 (No pump) 2 left.


Wings provide a way of enjoying gusty wind conditions unlike any other wind sport.  Check out the footage of Dave riding offshore winds at Nobby’s beach, on a day you wouldn’t attempt to put up a kite or sail in that location.